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DeWalt: Products & Services

Dewalt is a world famous power tools brand specializing int the production of woodworking, construction and manufacturing tools. Products manufactured by DeWalt are considered to be of the highest quality due to its great emphasis on quality of workmanship and tool manufacturing techniques that it applies to get the job done.DeWalt currently sells tools such as rechargeable drill machines, generators, grinders and air powered tools to name a few.

DeWalt: Company Background

The company was founded by Raymond E. DeWalt. Who is also credited for inventing the radial arm saw. The company that he named after himself was formed in 1920 and has its headquarters in Maryland. The company was sold to Black and Decker in 1960 and has since become its subsidiary. The acquisition by Black and Decker has helped the company gain international market access in a much more positive way with a specific objective of becoming a market leader. The company has been around for 92 years making it a reliable choice when it comes to power tools.

DeWalt: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Most reviews from experts tend to admire the build quality and durability of the tools made by De Walt. An expert review states the usefulness of the tools and discusses their superiority over its competition. The review covers the product line in great detail and no details have been left out. Consumer reviews have been found to be in favor of the product and found to be a level above than the rest. James Peterson YMMV writes in his review “I've owned several cordless kits/tools over the last couple of decades. My needs have changed as I've grown in projects, and my old cheap black and decker sets have long since been replaced by Dewalts. I've had the Dewalt 18V kits for several years and I've been very happy with them. They last through most small jobs with one charge. They are solid, beefy, and have plenty of power, but are also pretty heavy. I nearly converted over to the Li-ion packs, but the price always kept me from it. Then came the 12v max line, I thought they were perfect for nearly every small job and home use. They are light, solid, and have surprising power in a compact size. The charge they hold may not last the entire project, but the packs are so cheap you can buy a couple extra to finish up (and not break your wallet).......
In summary, I'd recommend this set if you are new or moving up from the inexpensive (and usually low quality) brands. If you're already heavy into the old 18v stuff, I wouldn't bother with a switch until you have to replace them. In all fairness, I have not had much experience with other brands kits (some Milwaulkee, a Bosch, and a Makita) I'm sure they are all great sets, but I was already using Dewalt so I stuck with them.”. The company ensures that its products are long lasting and job worthy.

DeWalt: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The company's parent Black and Decker have a BBB rating of A+, making it highly trusted amongst its rivals. The company in the past year has has 12 complaints most arising with products. The complaints have been effectively resolved and this is bound to happen when the company conducts business on such a large scale.

DeWalt: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alex gives the website a global rank of 62,462 and a US rank of 13,874. Google page rank gives the website a score of 5 out of a possible 10. The website has gained a lot of traffic due to its product placement techniques and good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) employed by the company. The company enjoys quite a fair share of sales via the internet due to fantastic market strategy that is in place.

DeWalt: Social Media Presence

The company enjoys a healthy presence on social networking websites and has been a keen Twitter user @DEWALTtough with a 7,749 followers. The company uses this platform to interact with its customers a great deal. The company's FaceBook page is also well maintained and has 104,000 likes. The company operates a You Tube channel, showcasing its products and services which has 1,992 subscribers and is growing at a rapid pace with over 1.3 million views of its videos.

DeWalt: Website Security & Safety

The website's Google Diagnostic has reported virus and malware threat on the website in the last 90 days. The threat is present on at least 24 pages since Google last tested the website. The HTTPS protocol for security has not been used. One of the primary reasons for not doing so even in the members area is the fact that the website does not allow sale of any of its products on itself but refers users to links of retailers that carry the range of products on their own websites.

DeWalt: Pricing & Packages

The products are not sold on website but users are directed to third party websites that sell the company's product range. For instance Amazon offers users to buy products in a price range of $10.99 to $450.99. The prices on other merchant websites may vary but the general price range is the same.

DeWalt: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is also handled by retail websites such as Amazon, which charge $9.99 per shipment or $0.59/lb per item. The company itself does not sell or ship its own products. The rates provided by Amazon are competitive and the also offer international shipping to various countries. The company ships items that come into its service centers for repairs.

DeWalt: Payment Methods Accepted

Depending upon retailers, major credit and debit cards along with other payment solutions such as PayPal and gift cards are accepted as payments. The payment processing software of these sites are quite secure and follow the strictest of security protocols and allow safe and efficient buying. It is advised to consider the more reliable websites while making purchases to avoid any inconveniences.

DeWalt: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Refunds again are subject to retailers policies but consider Amazon's policy of 30 day money back guarantee. The refund takes around 2-3 weeks to come around but judging Amazon's and DeWalt's reputation, any refunds or returns claimed will be honored. The company prides itself with quality and its workmanship, along with a worldwide presence it is highly unlikely that they would go back on their promise of return and refund.

DeWalt: Product images & screenshots
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